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HSNMCLOC1K WiFi Hidden Camera User Guide

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Initial Setup

Power: Connect the supplied USB cable from the device to a USB power outlet. Turn the device camera on via the on and off toggle switch.

SD Card: To save recordings install a Class 10 Micro SD Card maximum size 64gb. Please note the SD Card must be formatted as Fat32.

Smartphone and Tablet App: Download and install the APP HDSmartlPC from the Apple or Google Store. Open the smartphone Wi-Fi settings and connect to the device’s wireless signal named LM-xxxxxx. When connection is established (keep Wi-Fi connection if prompted) open the app. The camera should automatically connect and display as online.

Live View: Click the image (play arrow) to display the Live Feed.

App Menu (Click the gear icon, right hand side of camera image)

Modify Device: Rename the camera. UID is your devices unique identification number and cannot be changed.

Delete Device: Remove the device if no longer required.

Reconnect: If connection has been lost select the reconnect to reestablish a connection.

Device Settings Menu (Click the gear icon)

Set Name: Rename the camera

Set Password: Default password is 8888. Create a new password.

Video Config: Displays the SD Card maximum and residual storage capacity.

  • Video Model – configure your recording schedule ie: Alarm (motion) recording, Recording (24/7) or Planned (scheduled start stop time).
  • Resolution – set the recording quality. 1080p highest resolution is recommended.
  • Record Audio – Turn audio recording on or off
  • Auto Loop – Turned on recordings will continue to be stored overwriting the oldest files when the SD Card is full. Turned off recordings will stop once the SD Cards is full.
  • Length per clip – Each recording will be saved in 1 to 60min file lengths for easier playback. 10 minutes is the default.

Motion alarm config: Set the motion detection sensitivity.

Alarm sound: Toggle on or off.

Wi-Fi Config: Select your local Wi-Fi and input the password. The camera will now use your local Wi-Fi internet connection and disconnect from the devices direct Wi-Fi connection (LM-xxxxxx). Your smartphone will also reconnect to your local Wi-Fi internet connection. The device will also reboot. Allow a few minutes for the new settings to be applied.

Time stamp sync: Set date and time.

Camera info: Check the device IP address, gateway, firmware version, etc or reboot the device.

Delete camera: Delete the device.

Factory Reset: Should the device become unstable, the password is forgotten or the Wi-Fi is not displayed please try a Factory Reset. Carefully insert a small pin like object into the reset button and hold for approx 10 seconds. Allow another minute or 2 for the device to reboot.

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