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MEQC3506 Camera & Bug Detector User Guide

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General Operation

Camera Lens Detection: Detecting distance is 0.1 – 10m. Press the red-laser switch. The red laser LED will turn on and flash. Point the laser light towards to the area you want to search while looking through the viewing lens. If there are any cameras within the searching area you will find a reflecting red-point. Once you finish searching press the switch again to turn it off.

RF Detection: Detecting distance is O – 10m; Frequency range is 1.0 – 6500 MHz. Extend the antenna out and then set the function key to on. Set the sensitivity to the highest level and then adjust it slowly so the signal lights just flicker. When an R/F frequency is detected the signal will light up according to the strength of the signal. When the signal is strong, the light will be brighter and that means you are closer to the signal source. If you do not want to hear the buzzer sound, you can set the function key to mute mode. The alarm will then only vibrate. If the camera is not wireless you need to use the Red laser to detect the lens to find out the hidden camera.

Remove the batteries when not in use. Takes 2 x AAA.

How to sweep for bugging devices:

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