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At OzSpy we have a zero tolerance for abuse, threats and aggression. If your enquiry contains anything that breaches our policy, your enquiry will be automatically deleted. We will always treat you with respect, and ask the same from you.

Please DO NOT Contact us if you purchased from eBay, Amazon or any other online seller. We are only able to support our own products.

Are you having issues with a Spy Camera or Hidden Camera (or any other product with an app) please click here to check our Spy Cameras & Hidden Cameras troubleshooting guide before contacting support.

If you wish to return the product under our 30 day exchange or 14 day refund options, please read our terms here.

Return Terms Here

This form is to contact support for product assistance, request exchange, report a missing manual or dispatch to follow up on an order.

If you cannot find the manuals you are after please complete the below form and let us know what manual you are after in the comments section, we will send it to you and update our manuals bank so you can find it again if you lose it.

Before you start you will need to find your proof of purchase as we will not be able to assist without a genuine order number.

If you already have the manual, please familiarise yourself with it prior to requesting support as our support team will be referring to it frequently.

Remember, if you did not purchase it from us, please contact the business you purchased it from as they will be best positioned to help you. Just because the product looks the same, doesn’t mean operates the same.

Thank you

The Team @ OzSpy Support

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