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DSA055UEMR Camera & Bug Detector User Guide

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Power On/Off: Extend the antenna and turn on the device. Every time the device is switched on, it will peform a power-on self-test of all functions and all the LEDs will light up (excludes low battery). The 8 signal strength indication LEDs will then go out one-by-one, 8 7 6 etc… to O.

Function switch: Press the function switch to change detection modes.

  • RF Signal – Once the self-test has completed the RF Signal LED will light up. Set the sensitivity to the highest level and then adjust it slowly so the signal lights just flicker. Scan the nearby area. When an RF frequency is detected the LED’s will light up according to the signal strength. This device will also indicate the signal type. WiFi / Digital: Signals from WiFi, IP Cameras and other digital wireless devices or CAM / BUG / LTE : Analog and Spread spectrum signals from wireless cameras and bugs, signal jammers and 2G / 3G / 4G smartphones, etc.
  • EMR Finder – EMR Finder can detect the electromagnetic radiation from Micro SD hidden cameras, voice recorders and smartphones set to airplane mode.
  • Lens Finder – The red laser LED will turn on and flash. Point the laser light towards to the area you want to search while looking through the viewing lens. If there are any cameras within the searching area you will see a reflecting red-point. The lens finder can locate a hidden wireless camera even if the camera is turned off.
  • Magnet Finder – A magnet sensor to help users find a GPS tracker attached to the car using a magnet. The magnet sensor is located on the left upper side of the device, from the rear view. Face the yellow mark area to suspicious location. The device will vibrate if it detects a strong magnet.

Semi Directional Antenna: The device has a semi directional feature. When reducing the sensitivity approaching the signal source, the scan angle will change from wide to narrow, 120 degree -+ 90 degree… 45 degree. This feature is very helpful in locating the signal source.

When the Battery Low LED lights up, replace the batteries (3 x AAA). Remove the batteries when not in use.

How to sweep for bugging devices:

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