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DSUPERIORMK2 Camera & Bug Detector User Guide

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General Operation

Power On/Off: Extend the antenna and turn on the device via the side toggle switch. Up for LED’s with buzzer or down for silent vibration mode. The power LED (Blue) will light up to confirm this device is operating correctly.

RF Signal: Set the sensitivity +/- to the highest level and then adjust it slowly so the signal lights just flicker. Scan the nearby area. When an RF frequency is detected, ie GSM phone, 3G / 4G smartphone, Wi-Fi, wireless bug (hidden microphone), wireless analog, digital cameras and other wireless devices using 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz, the LED’s will light up according to the signal strength.

Analog: Set the switch to A for detecting analog or smartphone radio waves, the LEDs will light up without blinking and the buzzer will sound continuously.

Digital: When digital radio waves are detected, the LEDs will start to blink and the buzzer will sound intermittently. Set the switch to D, as it will have a better indication detecting the digital signals of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular phone and Digital Spread Spectrum wireless products.

When the Battery Low LED lights up, replace the batteries (2 x AAA). Remove the batteries when not in use.

How to sweep for bugging devices:

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