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User’s Manual
The HD keyring camera is a covert device that takes 1080P recordings and stores them to a micro SD card
Turning on your keycam
Hold the On/Off button until the device vibrates
Recording with your key cam
Turn the device on, and press the On/Off button once to begin recording a video, to stop simply press the button again once
Turning Night vision on / off

Hold the IR On/Off button until you feel the device vibrate
Setting Motion Detection
Turn the device on, and then press the start / stop button 3 times.
The device will now have a solid blue light and a flashing red light. Device
is now in motion detection mode.
To stop simply press the Stop / Start button once.
Find the USB cable and the charger that was provided with the device, insert one end of
the connecting cable to the “Charge” hole of the device and put the other end to a free PC
usb port.
When charging, the red light and blue light on the chargers are on. When fully charged, the
red light comes on and blue goes out.
(Give at least 3-5 hours for charging time).
Downloading your recordings
Simply plug your device in via the provided USB cable to a windows or Mac PC
You will then be able to access the memory as a removable disk !

Led Code Meaning Table
Mode Button Red Led Blue Led Yellow Led
Unit Off Press Unlock for 3 sec to turn off OFF OFF OFF
Unit On Press Unlock for 3 sec to turn on
On startup the unit will check for SD card, if OK, it will
go into Mode 1 state (see below)
Mode Selection To move between modes press the Lock button
Mode 1, Video Recording – Standby ON OFF ON=IR ON
Mode 1, Video Recording – Active Press Unlock to turn start/stop Flashing OFF ON=IR ON
Mode 2, Photo Mode – Standby OFF ON ON=IR ON
Mode 2, Photo Mode – Active Press Unlock to take a photo.
Blue light flashes and returns to standby
OFF Flashes ON=IR ON
Mode 3, Audio Recording – Standby ON ON n/a
Mode 3, Audio Recording – Active Press Unlock to turn start/stop Flashing ON n/a
Mode 4, Motion Detection – Standby Flashing ON ON=IR ON
Mode 4, Motion Detection – Active Press Unlock to turn start/stop.
Note once motion is activated, it does not stop, it
continues unless manually stopped, card is full or runs
out of battery
Flashing Flashing ON=IR ON

Setting up the time
First create a text file named TIMERSET.txt
Then add the current date and time the format is year, month, day, 24hour, minute,
seconds with no spaces or slashes.
Then add a Y after a space at the end.
So if the date is 26th October 2015 at 3.30pm and 45 seconds your file should have.
20151026153045 Y
Copy the TIMERSET.txt file onto the SD card for your device and your device should now
have correct time and date stamp.

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