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HAI2MPBLBOXP2 Hidden Camera User Guide

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General Operation

Charging: Connect the USB cable from the device to a USB power outlet. While the device is charging a green and red LED will illuminate. Once the device is fully charged the red LED will go out (approx 6 hours). Prior to first use or after long storage, please ignore the LED indicator and continue to charge the device for an additional 2 hours. This device can also record while charging.

SD Card: To save recordings install a Class 10 Micro SD Card maximum size 64gb. Please note the SD Card must be formatted as Fat32.

Power On/Off: Turn the device On/Off via the toggle switch. The blue and red LED’s will illuminate and go out. When the SD Card is detected the blue LED will flash 3 times and go out. The camera is now recording. If the SD Card is not detected the blue LED will flash 10 times.

Configuration: With the device connected to your computer use notepad to edit the time.txt file which is automatically created and saved in the SD Card root directory.

Video Recording: The recordings will automatically start when motion is detected. Each file will be saved every 3 minutes (default). Nightvision is also automatically turned on during low light.

Recording playback: Using the supplied USB cable connect the device to a Desktop Computer or Laptop. Your computer will automatically setup the device and allow you to view the stored recordings using a MOV file Player ie QuickTime. Video format is MOV and the codec is MPEG-4.

Factory Reset: Should the device become unstable please try a Factory Reset. Carefully insert a small pin like object into the reset button.

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