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CLOZRHD Series NVR with Internal NIC Manually Add IP Cameras User Guide

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Initial Setup and Network Configuration

Plug in the NVR, mouse and monitor only. Do not connect any network devices! This will stop any external network devices from assigning IP Addresses that may create conflicts.

From NVR Main Menu > Configuration > Network

Check (change if necessary) and note the Internal Net Card IP: Default is 192.168. 11 .2

Adding the Cameras

From NVR Main Menu > Camera > Add Camera


Enable: Check the Box
Channel: 1, 2, 3, etc
Add Way: Manual
Protocol: Private, ONVIF, etc
Preview: Main or Sub
Username: admin
Password: admin
IP: The IP Address you want to assign to the camera on the same range as the Internal Net Card ie 192.168.11. xxx (eg: 101, 102, 103 etc)

SAVE to apply changes (or CANCEL to quit)

Connect the first camera and select ADD. Check the box next to the new camera and select CHANGE IP. Enter the Cameras new IP Address to match the Manually configured IP Address ie:

Start Up:
Gateway: (Internal NIC IP)
Port: 80
RTSP Port: 554

Username: admin
Password: admin

CONFIRM to apply changes (or CANCEL to quit)

Wait for the camera to reboot and the LINK to change green. This step can take several minutes so be patient.

To add more cameras, disconnect the configured camera, connect the next camera (you can use the same LAN port as we are manually configuring each camera). Repeat the “Adding Camera” steps… select channel 2 and another IP address ie: Repeat until each camera has been manually configured one at a time.

Now that all cameras have been configured, they can be all connected (in any order) and/or added to a switch.

Adding a Network Switch

Using an Ethernet/Network Cable connect the NVR LAN1 Port to the Switch UP LINK Port. Cameras can then be connected to the remaining LAN Ports.

For remote access connect an Ethernet cable from the NVR NET/WAN port to a spare LAN Port on the Modem (Internet Access). Configure the NVRs Network to match the local Gateway IP address range.

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