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CLOZ XVR-NVR Series Not Recording Footage

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From XVR Main Menu > HDD

Check that the hard drive has been formatted prior to first use and has been detected without fault. The hard drive should state it is “ïn use” and display the total and residual capacity. Formatting the hard drive may resolve some hard drive errors but please note any stored footage will be permanently lost. If the hard drive is not detected contact your OzSpy representative. The recorder power supply or hard drive may be at fault.

From the XVR Main Menu > Record > Schedule

Check your recording schedule is configured correctly. Green is Full time Recording, Yellow is Motion Recording. Select the relevant tab located at the bottom of the schedule and edit as required.

From the XVR Main Menu > Camera > Motion Detection

Make sure “Enable Detection” and “Record Channel” has been checked for all cameras/channels. You can select “copy” to save the current settings to all or selected cameras.

From the XVR Main Menu > Playback

Select “More Operation“. Any files listed with the suffix _M are motion recordings. Depending on the XVR model motion recordings may also be highlighted in a different colour on the playback bar ie Green is full time recording, yellow is motion, etc

Full detailed manuals can be viewed or downloaded from our manual archive:

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