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CLOZ XVR-NVR Series Export Footage to USB

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From the XVR-NVR Main Menu > Playback

Review the footage you want to export. Note the date, start and finish time and channel number/s of the footage you want to save.

Insert a USB Flash Drive into the front or rear USB port on your recorder. Please note the USB must be formatted as FAT32.

From the XVR-NVR Main Menu > Export (Depending on the model the menu titles may vary ie Backup, etc)

  • Enter the “File Type” ie R = Full time Recordings; M = Motion or select “All”
  • Select the Channel number/s
  • Exported File format ie AVI
  • Enter the Start and End time
  • Select “Search”

All recordings within the search criteria entered above will be listed. Select the checkboxes for the files you wish to export, make sure the “required capacity” is less than the USB flash drive capacity and select “Start” to start the export.

When the export is complete the USB Flash Drive can be inserted into a computer to view. Depending on the Media Player used additional codecs or configuration may be required to view the playback.

Note: VLC media player is a popular open-source, self-contained media player that can play a variety of media without additional downloads or configuration.

Full detailed manuals can be viewed or downloaded from our manual archive:

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