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CLOxxx Series Bitvision Event Notifications User Guide

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Check the recorder settings

From the XVR/NVR Main Menu > Configuration > Network > P2P – Enable P2P and check the status is “online”

From the XVR/NVR Main Menu > Camera > Motion – Enable Detection and check the schedule ie All Week 00:00 – 24:00 (tick the box)

Bitvision Application (This guide is based on Android Version

Login to your Bitvision App. From the menu select “Setting” and Enable “Event Message” and “Traffic Alert”.

From the menu select “Device” then select the 3 dots to the right of your XVR/NVR. Scroll to bottom of the new screen and enable “Push Image”. Select “Channel Setting” and enable “Alarm Switch”. Check the settings for each channel and the schedule.

From the menu select “Event Message” to view the snapshot notifications received.

Further Help Guides and Full detailed PDF manuals can be viewed or downloaded from our Support knowledge Base:

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