Setting Up Email Alerts

Most DVRs and many spy gadgets have the ability to email you when they see motion.

In most situations people try and use Gmail or Hotmail or other free account, however this is difficult as almost all internet providers block port 25 and the free email providers also have security restrictions. Some like Optus will reopen it if you request and many won’t so the easiest way around this is use your internet providers SMTP server.

Here are some of the most common.

In the server box you will need to add your internet providers SMTP server and try port 25 first.

Outgoing Email Setting for Australian Broadband ISPs

Amnet ADSL:
iiNet Networks:
Optus Internet:
Telstra Bigpond:
TPG Internet:

Here is a link to VIP help showing setting up an NVR with email alerts.

NOTE: These settings were correct at the time of publication, however may be subject to change. If your ISP is not listed, please contact them directly for the correct outgoing email server (SMTP) setting.