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HAI HDSmartlPC Series WiFi Hidden Camera User Guide

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Initial Setup

Power and Charging: Connect the supplied USB cable from the device to a USB power outlet. This device can remain connected to power for continuous operation. To charge the battery, please check and remove any plastic tabs between the battery and terminals. Leave connected to power uninterrupted for at least 12 hours prior to first use. Turn the device camera on via the on and off toggle switch.

SD Card: To save recordings install a Class 10 Micro SD Card maximum size 128gb. Please note the SD Card must be formatted as Fat32.

Smartphone and Tablet App: Download and install the APP HDSmartlPC from the Apple or Google Store. Open the smartphone Wi-Fi settings and connect to the device’s wireless signal named Al-xxxxxx. When connection is established (keep Wi-Fi connection if prompted) open the app. The camera should automatically connect and display as online.

Live View: Click the image (play arrow) to display the Live Feed.

App Menu (Click the gear icon, right hand side of camera image)

Modify Device: Rename the camera. UID is your devices unique identification number and cannot be changed.

Delete Device: Remove the device if no longer required.

Reconnect: If connection has been lost select the reconnect to reestablish a connection.

Device Settings Menu (Click the gear icon)

Set Name: Rename the camera

Set Password: Default password is 8888. Create a new password.

Video Config: Displays the SD Card maximum and residual storage capacity.

  • Video Model – configure your recording schedule ie: Alarm (motion) recording, Recording (24/7) or Planned (scheduled start stop time).
  • Resolution – set the recording quality. 1080p highest resolution is recommended.
  • Record Audio – Turn audio recording on or off
  • Auto Loop – Turned on recordings will continue to be stored overwriting the oldest files when the SD Card is full. Turned off recordings will stop once the SD Cards is full.
  • Length per clip – Each recording will be saved in 1 to 60min file lengths for easier playback. 10 minutes is the default.

Motion alarm config: Set the motion detection sensitivity.

Alarm sound: Toggle on or off.

Wi-Fi Config: Select your local Wi-Fi and input the password. The camera will now use your local Wi-Fi internet connection and disconnect from the devices direct Wi-Fi connection (Al-xxxxxx). Your smartphone will also reconnect to your local Wi-Fi internet connection. The device will also reboot. Allow a few minutes for the new settings to be applied.

Time stamp sync: Set date and time.

Camera info: Check the device IP address, gateway, firmware version, etc or reboot the device.

Delete camera: Delete the device.

Factory Reset: Should the device become unstable, the password is forgotten or the Wi-Fi is not displayed please try a Factory Reset. Carefully insert a small pin like object into the reset button and hold for approx 10 seconds. Allow another minute or 2 for the device to reboot.

Bluetooth: If the device supports Bluetooth enable the service on both the device and your phone/tablet. Scan and pair.


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