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GPT Tracker Series User Guide

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Initial Setup

Installing the SIM card: Before installing or removing the SIM card, please power off the tracker. Remove the rubber seal on the side of the tracker to access the SIM card tray. Press the yellow button with a tool to eject the tray. Place the SIM card in the tray making sure SIM card metal contact pins are facing up. Insert tray back into the Tracker and replace the rubber seal to cover the SIM card socket.

Charging the Tracker: We recommend using the supplied 5V DC OEM charger only to recharge the tracker. Using an incorrect power supply may cause damage to the tracker and void your warranty. Insert the USB connection into a power or car adapter. If the LED on the adapter is RED, it means it is charging, if the LED on the adapter is GREEN, it means the recharging is finished. This will take about 8-10 hours (with exception to the first charge of 24 hours). The tracker can also be connected to a car battery using an external power adapter (9-30V input 5V output). Insert the external power adapter output wire to the tracker charging socket and connect the external power adapter input to the car battery (9-30V). Once the battery is fully charged, the tracker will stop charging and use the external power adapter for continued operation, the built-in battery will only be used for backup.

Power ON and OFF: When the power is OFF, press the “ON/OFF” button until the green LED is ON, then release the button. The tracker is now powered ON. Green and Red LED’s will flash as per details below. When the power is ON, press the “ON/OFF” button till the Green LED Flash fast, and then release the button and press the ON/OFF button 3 times, the tracker will turn off. If the battery is flat, recharge the tracker and the Tracker will power on automatically.

  • Green LED Flash Once – Working well
  • Green LED Flash Twice – GSM working well, GPS signal weak
  • Green LED Flash three times – GSM and GPS working well, battery is low
  • Green LED Flash four times – GSM working well, battery low, no GPS signal
  • Green LED ON continuously – GSM Searching for a network
  • Green LED OFF continuously – Power is off
  • Red GSM LED Flash once – Upload location to server OK
  • Red GSM LED Flash twice – Upload location to server Fail

GPS Tracking Platforms

Website: The default tracker account username is the last 7 digits of the tracker ID number, refer to label on the box or the tracker. The password is the same as the username. Visit the website and logon using the unique username and password. A user can then check the real time location, playback tracking history (6-12 months), or set various alarms such as overspeed alarm, geo-fence etc.

Smartphone or Tablet App: Download and install the app on an Android or iOS Mobile Phone or Tablet. Scan the relevant QR code below.

iPhone Android

General Operation

Phone Tracker Locate Command: Call the tracker SIM card number, after 3 rings, the tracker will hang up the call and send back an SMS with the current location via a Google map link. If the tracker has authorized phone numbers set, only an authorized number can trigger the tracker locate command. If an unauthorized number calls the tracker, the call will be immediately disconnected, and no response will be sent.

Mobile Phone SMS Commands

Send SMS/Text message commands to the Tracker SIM service number from a mobile phone. The default SMS Command Password for the 3G Model is 123456 or 4G Model is 12345678. If the password is incorrect the tracker will respond, “Wrong Password”. If the command is incorrect the tracker will respond, “Bad Command”.

Access Point Name: If the APN is not set correctly, the tracker cannot upload its location to the server (Red LED flashes twice). To check the automated setup, send an SMS (without the inverted commas) “CHECK*12345678” to the trackers assigned phone number. “CHECK” is the fixed command, “12345678” is the default tracker password (refer to default SMS Command password above).

Check & set APN example

Change the APN: Send an SMS “APN*12345678*apnname” to the tracker, in which, “APN” is the fixed command, “12345678” is the password and “apnname” is the APN name supplied by your telephone service provider. Once the changes have been successfully been made, the tracker will respond with an SMS “APN: apnname Battery: 00%”.

To confirm the correct APN (Access Point Name) for your account please contact your SIM Provider. The most common are listed below. APN details are case sensitive.

Telstra – telstra.wap or telstra.internet
Telstra/Boost – telstra.iph
Optus – internet
Optus/iiNet/TPG/ Dodo/amaysim – yesinternet
Vodafone/Kogan –
Vodafone –
Aldi/Belong/Woolworths –
Crazy John’s Vodafone –
Virgin – VirginInternet

Add authorized phone number – ADDPHONE*12345678*A*xxxxxxxxxx (“ADDPHONE” is the fixed command; “12345678” is the default tracker password; “A” is authorized number location (every tracker has 3 authorized phone number locations; A, B and C); “xxxxxxxxxx” is the mobile phone number you want to set. , “Add Preset Phone OK” if the add operation is successful, the tracker will respond.)

SMS Command Example

Check Authorized Phone Number – CHECKPHONE*12345678 (The tracker will send back the information “Authorized Phone A: 0412345678;B: 0412987654;C:0459654123. The phone numbers are examples.)

Delete Authorized Phone Number – DELETEPHONE*12345678*A (“A” is authorized phone number location, there are 3 locations “A” and “B” and “C”)

Change Tracker Password – CHANGEPASSWORD*12345678*87654321 (“12345678” is the old password; “87654321” is new password)

Trigger Location Response – LOCATE*12345678 (If the tracker is in a place where there is no GPS signal, such as underground park or indoor room, the tracker will reply “No GPS signal” and give the Cell ID Location.

Trigger Google Map Link Location – URL*12345678 (Tracker will respond with a Google Map Link).

Reset/Reboot Tracker – RESET*12345678 (The tracker will send back information “Reset Tracker and cancel all alarm setting”, then the tracker will power off and then power on automatically. This command will not cancel the user settings).

Restore Factory Default Configuration – FACTORY*12345678 (This command will cancel all alarm settings, delete the authorized phone numbers, delete the APN settings, reset the tracker password to default, reset the IP address, reset the system working mode and the interval time, etc. If the tracker password is forgotten, use the authorized mobile phone to check or change the password. If no authorized phone is added, then a user cannot reset the tracker to factory defaults.

Supported products SKU: GPT3G003; GPT3G004OB; GPT3G005COV; GPT4G005COV; For advanced features and settings please refer to the PDF GPS Manuals support section.

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