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CCDMD80X10 Mini Action Video Camera User Guide

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1. Power On/Off
2. Recording Mode
3. Recording Start/Stop
4. Camera Lens
5. IR
6. TF Micro SD Card Slot
7. Indicator LED
8. USB Connection

General Operation

Charging: Make sure device is turned off. Connect the USB cable from the device to a USB power outlet. While the device is charging the Red LED flashes. Once the device is fully charged the Red LED will stay on. Prior to first use only, please ignore the LED indicator and charge the device for a minimum of 4 hours. This device can also record while charging.

SD Card: To save recordings install a Class 10 Micro SD Card maximum size 32gb. Please note the SD Card must be formatted as Fat32.

Recording Modes: Turn the device on. Select the recording mode ie Video (Red LED), Photo (Blue LED) or VXO (Red LED; Blue LED Flashing). Press the record start/stop button on the top of the device to start or stop the recording.

Voice Activation (VXO): When any noise above 60db is detected the video recording will automatically start.

Infared (IR): Press and hold the record start/stop button for 3 secs. Repeat to turn off. A yellow LED will be displayed while active.

Recording playback: Using the supplied USB cable connect the device to a Desktop Computer or Laptop. Your computer will automatically setup the device and allow you to view the stored recordings using your favourite image viewer or Media Player. Video format is AVI and the codec is M-JPEG. Photo’s are JPG.

Date and Time Setup: With the device connected to your computer use notepad to create a file time.txt and save it to the USB root directory. Open the text file and enter the date and time in the following format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS Y (The “Y” on the end means the time watermark is enabled. Change to “N” to disable.)

20201231235959 Y

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